Sous Vide Salmon – Fit Foodie Finds

Sous Vide Salmon – Fit Foodie Finds

Sous Vide Salmon means salmon that is always cooked to absolute perfection! Grab your sous vide and make this salmon recipe ASAP. With simple these step-by-step instructions, your sous vide salmon will be ready in no time. Dinner is served!

Sous vide salmon on a plate.

We Love Salmon!

Salmon salmon everywhere! We’re big salmon fans over here at Fit Foodie Finds, and because of that, we’ve created some great salmon recipes over the years. From breakfast frittatas to grilled salmon to our newest (this recipe!) sous vide salmon. Salmon is a great source of omega 3s, plus it’s a high protein and low-fat fish. Check out other salmon recipes here:

What is Sous Vide Cooking?

If this salmon recipe is your first experience with the sous vide, have no fear! We’ll clear up any Qs you have here.

Sous vide cooking is a method of cooking where you use a regulated water bath to precisely cook food to a certain temperature. Want to cook a steak to medium rare? Good news! If you sous vide the steak, the entire steak will come out medium rare, not just the middle. The great thing about the sous vide is that whatever you are trying to cook, will come out cooked perfectly even.

Typically, meats and other food such as eggs or vegetables are vacuum-sealed in a plastic bag with the air removed and then submerged into the water bath. In this recipe’s case, we used a Stasher Bag as the vessel, which works in the exact same way.

If you are looking for the perfect, reasonable sous vide, we HIGHLY recommend the Anova Culinary 800W. It’s Smartphone-friendly and costs $99.

Sous vide salmon going into the sous vide.

How to Make Sous Vide Salmon

Step 1: Prepare Sous Vide

First, prepare sous vide water bath by filling a large pot with water. The pot needs to be large enough to hold your salmon and the water needs to be deep enough to hit the water line on your sous vide. Next, place your sous vide into the water bath and set the temperature to 130ºF. This is the temperature setting you’ll want for medium-cooked salmon.

Step 2: Prepare Salmon

Prepare salmon by removing excess moisture from the filets. Pat the salmon filets with a paper towel to remove moisture.

Then, generously season the flesh side of the salmon filets with salt and pepper. Place a piece of fresh dill on top of each filet.

Step 3: Bag Salmon Up

Transfer each 5-oz. salmon filet into either 4 single plastic, vacuum seal or Stasher bags or 1 large plastic, vacuum seal or Stasher bag. We prefer single bags, but 1 large bag works, too!

Give each piece a salmon a nice squeeze of lemon juice before removing all air from the bag and sealing. Feel free to place a lemon slice right in the bag instead of squeezing if you’d prefer. Either way will work!

Sous vide salmon in stasher bags.

Step 4: Sous Vide That Salmon!

Place bags into the water bath and set the timer to 45 minutes. Make sure that your salmon remains submerged in the water bath.

Step 5: Broil to Perfection

Once the timer has gone off, carefully remove the bags of salmon from the water and take the salmon filets out. Place them on a baking sheet and remove the fresh dill. Then, broil them in the oven on high for 1-3 minutes (or until the top is golden brown).

If you’d prefer to finish off the salmon on the stove top, simply heat a skillet to medium/high heat and add two tablespoons of olive oil before placing the salmon filets skin-side up, and sear for 1-2 minutes (or until the top is golden brown). If you’re feeling really jazzy and have a food blow torch, torch the top of the salmon filets to golden brown.

sous vide salmon on a plate with a side of broccoli

Step 6: Enjoy!

Finally, season your salmon filets again with a little salt and pepper. The salmon should easily flake with a fork. Serve with your favorite greens and grains, and enjoy!

What to Serve with Salmon

Salmon is such a versatile main dish, but we do have some go-to side dishes that we find ourselves pairing with salmon quite often:

What are some of your favorite sides to serve with salmon?

sous vide salmon on a plate with broccoli

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